David Gilden
Information Architect & Internet Programmer

Developing an effective web site requires diverse talents. Starting with the initial concept, key factors such as communication, design, and technical savvy, all play a part in the creation of an effective final product.
Originally an independent recording artist David Gilden has been recognized --since the 1980's--by the music press and has successfully marketed his own recordings. (read more about his music background at this web site.) This was a result of him learning first hand about the creative aspects of advertising, including marketing, copy writing, and graphic design.
In winter 1995 I saw a presentation by a internet start-up offering artists a presence on the web for a fraction of the cost of traditional print media advertising. Upon returning from an annual trip to West Africa he made the commitment to get involved with this new to technology.
My first project was to create a site to market my personal recordings and promote my interest in West African Music. (see www.coraconnection.com) The required skills to create this web site were developed while working at Drive Inc. a small start up run by a friend who was a computer programmer, Macintosh evangelist first and musician second. Drive is home to one of largest Aviation sites on the web, landings.com.
Futher experience was gained through assignments from agencies like The Creative Group, MacTemps, Portfolio, personal free-lance projects and his original work experience at Drive Inc., Always learning, I am currently developing skills in mySQl, PERL and JavaScript.

 Apple Logo I prefer to work with the Macintosh for its advanced graphics & HTML tools, but I am at home with Windows and UNIX platforms. Originally I started out working in electronic music, but with through 'Web' related work I have expanded into the realm visual design and animation.

My Tools
Photoshop  Photoshop
Illustrator  Illustrator
Painter  Painter
DeBabelizer  DeBabelizer
BBEdit  BBEdit
Canvas  Canvas
Dimensions  Dimensions
AppleScript  AppleScript
GifBuilder  GifBuilder
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